Panda Express

TheGregGroup founder positioned, supported the sale, then organized  consultants to implement a highly functional, strategic financial  decision making solution. The solution allows top management to track  and manage all aspects of the business including retail location  performance.


While working closely with senior DIRECTV business and technology  managers, and their direct reports, TheGregGroup founder led a  cross-functional technology team which planned/designed a multi-million  dollar cloud based CRM solution. This particular solution helped DIRECTV  partner call-centers and field service resources to discuss with  customers DIRECTV services, receive customer orders, then implement the  ordered home satellite services.

Computer Sciences Corporation

While engaged as a close systems integration partner, TheGregGroup  founder worked with CSC Corporate C-level and top division management.  Tight collaboration with CSC led to the planning, pursuit and winning of  large integration business opportunities with various Fortune 500  companies and Federal government agencies. Implemented solutions  involved integrating hardware with software solutions, custom developed  and pre-configured, such as high-end commerical ERP and financial  solutions, along with key US Federal government projects for agencies  such as Department of Defense and NASA, for clients located throughout  the United States and around the globe. 

Los Angeles County Metropolitan Transportation Authority

TheGregGroup works closely with the Los Angeles County Metropolitan  Transportation Authority (LA Metro), helping them obtain the required  information technology products and services to meet the technology  needs of this important transportation agency. LA Metro serves as  transportation planner and coordinator, designer, builder and operator  for one of the country’s largest, most populous counties in the USA.